Hello! I’m Marielle Peschet. I’m a French User-Experience Designer based in Bordeaux, France. I have worked for 10 years in Customer Experience before switching to User Experience Design.

I am interested in systems, services, products, devices, interfaces, brands but most importantly humans. I’m always trying to understand what makes us tick so I can better help and serve. My goal is to make the world a nicer place to live by creating tools that are fun and easy to use, and by building emotional moments that we call « experiences ».

I own a Bachelor’s Degree in English and a Diploma in Radio Journalism. In pursuit of my UX interests I followed a year-long UX Design program in 2019 at Digital Campus Bordeaux with Akiani (a company specialized in Human Factors and User-Experience).
My main interests are: psychology, neurosciences, learning mechanisms and cognitive biases.

I am also a musician. I have been playing guitar, singing and writing music for the past 25 years. My passion includes music production, recording and mixing, playing in bands, DIYing sound equipment and gear, and being a voice-over artist. I have always had a keen passion for creating moments that carry emotions and touch people.